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September is here and we're back in gear for the new school year. As a reminder, we do offer Pre-K and the curriculum is amazing. Mrs. Jennifer's class uses the A Beka Book curriculum. For those that are not familiar with A Beka, it is a phonetically/faith based program. 
Here is a brief overview of the A Beka program in Mrs. Jennifer's class:
The program includes Bible memorization, Bible songs, Old/New Testament stories, reading, writing, phonics and numbers.
The children will learn to read and recognize consonants, blends, words and simple sentences. They will also be introduced to number concepts and formation of numbers 1-20. There is also a section on teaching the basic concepts of money-coin counting and understanding the value.
The overall program definitely sets your child on the path to being more than prepared for their first day of kindergarten.
Our monthly activity calendars are in the offices and ready for you to pick up.
Have a great month!


Allison's Clubhouse

Child care is an important service for working parents. We offer a quality and loving environment where your child can  make new friends, learn with enthusiasm and encouragement.


Our facility offers an outdoor playground with a curriculum to exercise them physically and stimulate intellectually.


Whether your needs are half-day, full-day, or after-school; Allison's Clubhouse is the answer. 


Call today to see why Allison's is the right choice for you.


  Allison's Playhouse

  Your infant or toddler require special attention

   to ensure health development both physically and intellectually. 


Our staff are dedicated to ensuring a safe and stimulating environment with proper nutrition and stimulation to ensure healthy development.







Large playground

Activity Room

Video Game Arcade

Homework Room


Our TeachersLow child / teacher ratio




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