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Allison's Clubhouse

3425 Finley Road

Irving, TX 75062


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Infant & Toddler Care



Allison's Playhouse

3455 Finley Road

Irving, TX 75062


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March is here and here come the allergies- sneezing, coughing, itchy/red eyes and runny noses! Parents, please keep a watchful eye on your little ones. If their nose is running, their eyes look red or crusty or they are coughing, please keep an eye on them. Sometimes what we think are allergies end up being something more.

Some helpful hints for a child that does not sleep well~

1. Make sure they have a consistent bedtime routine

2. No electronic use an hour before bedtime

3. Encourage the whole family to stick to quieter activities once you put your little ones down-that way they don't think they are missing out on something fun

Have a great month!


Allison's Clubhouse

Child care is an important service for working parents. We offer a quality and loving environment where your child can  make new friends, learn with enthusiasm and encouragement.


Our facility offers an outdoor playground with a curriculum to exercise them physically and stimulate intellectually.


Whether your needs are half-day, full-day, or after-school; Allison's Clubhouse is the answer. 


Call today to see why Allison's is the right choice for you.


  Allison's Playhouse

  Your infant or toddler require special attention

   to ensure health development both physically and intellectually. 


Our staff are dedicated to ensuring a safe and stimulating environment with proper nutrition and stimulation to ensure healthy development.







Large playground

Activity Room

Video Game Arcade

Homework Room


Our TeachersLow child / teacher ratio




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